Information System Advisory

Businesses today depend upon information systems for nearly all aspects of their financial and operational functions. Accordingly, the insured security of this information is very important to a company’s fiscal and organizational health as well as to its shareholders, regulators and compliance examiners.
With the aid of ASR's information technology services, your company can protect its data and overall system architecture from internal and external threats, while improving its IT functionality overall. Our team of dedicated professionals can help you do this, assisting your company to take stock in your current information security environment, as well as to develop and implement best practices and techniques, offering you a variety of different services.
Keeping in touch with the latest technology, our information systems advisory services provide a wide range of assistance to organizations across industry lines.
The experience and knowledge of our professionals combined with the power of our proprietary methodologies and tools enable us to provide companies today with the unique resources required to meet specific needs.
Confidentiality, integrity, availability and accountability of information are critical to the business. The very information on which success is built can, in the wrong hands, result in financial loss or other adverse consequences. Similarly the loss of timely access to information can seriously affect customer service reputation.
In a world of automation, customer expects immediate answers and accurate information.
- Advisory and Assurance Services
- Control Analysis
- Control Assurance
- Quality Assurance
- Data Analysis
- Organization Review
Information security Services:
- Net Work Security Assessment
- Internet/internet Security
- Disaster Recovery Planning
Application Controls Consulting:
- On aging Review
- Post Implementation Review

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