Managing your company's tax strategy in the face of today's complex puzzle of rules and regulations can drain your time, money and resources. In today’s economy, effective tax advice and planning can give your business a competitive advantage. ASR offers a range of comprehensive taxation services both corporate and individual, which includes tax representations and innovative tax planning. The firm renders tax advisory services relating to direct & indirect taxes including income tax, value added tax, custom duties etc. while providing assurance services, returns preparation and filing. Tax professionals, who are specialists, handle all the tax matters.
ASR offers specialized tax services for a variety of industries. Our tax professionals provide detailed attention to regulations, competitive factors and metrics in your industry that make a big difference to the industries.
Multinational tax challenges are among the most complex and expensive issues facing companies with international operations. Each new offshore location adds to the puzzle and requires distinctive tax strategies to address new regulations and varying tax rates. Concentrate on growing your business and let ASR assist you with your planning.
Constructive tax planning and dealing with taxation of foreign enterprises in Nepal and of expatriate executives is an area of the firm’s special expertise. Expatriates tax management is a focus area where our firm is assigned to minimize tax incidence.
By streamlining our tax advisory infrastructure, we possess the ability to deliver tailored solutions for our clients.
Virtual team collaboration tools, global knowledge sharing and standard tax consulting process give ASR a competitive edge in the market place as the firm that delivers a consistent standard of excellence to the client.
ASR’s flexible approach to tax compliance can help you in many different ways. Some companies have no internal tax resources and turn to us to fully address all of their tax compliance needs. Other companies have the capability to prepare tax related returns, but do not have internal tax resources in specialized areas like local tax, international tax or other tax areas. These companies may turn to ASR to assist them with their specialized tax filings.
Our tax services include the following:
Our services combine knowledge and operational know-how to reduce the cost of compliance and ease the burden on your organization

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